After a shady taxi ride to Newark our touchdown in sun-drenched Austin at 10am was a welcome change of scenery for us all. We headed straight to Red River downtown to be greeted by Yvonne, who has kindly rented out her ridiculously central apartment to us for the whole week while she camps out at her sisters pad. Opposite the apartment is Stubb's, the best outdoor venue in town and scene of Metallica's notiouriously not-very-secret secret show last year and Motorhead's and Muse's not-so-secret secret shows this week. We've got a ringside balcony to boot - with some very inconveniently placed trees obscuring the view. But Johan hates Muse, so he's quite pleased.

We settled in to our new home and prepared for our imminent show at Latitude 30 that evening, where the British Music Embassy resides throughout SXSW week. TGTB are playing at the invitation of Strummerville (Jo Strummer's new music charity) and Jail Guitar Doors (which constructively rehabilitate the incarcerated through music) both championed by Billy Bragg, Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly . It was a great night shared with alot of familiar faces and new friends, including Doll And The Kicks (who had arrived freshly from LA minus $1000 dollars they departed with thanks to some fuckwit in baggage inspection) who we'll be watching on Wednesday at Emo's Annexe.

When we left the Embassy you'll be pleased to hear that the rain had followed us after all. As we hurriedly departed for Chez TGTB a deranged lady wielding an empty guitar case chased us up the street in tandem with a wheelchair bound Vietnam veteran amputee. They don't say Keep Austin Weird for nothing.