The Critics

"The best band at SXSW 2010 by a mile"
Wayne Kramer- MC5

"The Good The Bad are a two guitar attack on the senses that will make you go weak at the knees."
Dave Keuning - The Killers

"I love them, I think they're great. It's so simple yet at the same time it's so involved and there's so much to it. They're amazing musicians and they rock. That's the bottom line. They rock."
John Kennedy - Xfm

“Sounds like Link Wray meets the Eagles... of Death Metal. You’d do well to check this out!”
Jon Hillcock - NME Radio

“Two guitars, some drums and a dangerous amount of pent up energy. This is a band that must be seen live. Not should. Must.”
CMU Daily

“Their sound is simply filthy, raw, brash and charming piss. I have gone so far as to hang a torn, easily-photocopied poster of the 3 Copenhagen boys up in my bedroom. We are going to hear and see a lot more of these three great talents in the future."
Jokeren - Metro

“You’ve got to admire the band for their amazing will and wonderful ability to tackle a narrow genre like this. There’s no bullshit. Result? The dirtiest and coolest soundtrack! There’s a few new bullet proof desperados in town”
Soundvenue Magazine

“You might think you have a grip on it. The Danish music scene, that is. But it not quite yet. Below the surface is an illustrative, sovereign surf rock band called The Good, The Bad, and through a strong set of instrumental charm, this powerful trio ready themselves with the audience with 10-15 short songs. It’s as if adventure has been resumed. And bold warming for tonight headliners, the equally intense Crystal Antlers from Long Beach California....”
Mathias Nielsen -

“How do they sound? It’s a big dirty whomping ragged noise. Don't you wish that Top Of the Pops was still going so we could see this kind of act between Adele and NeeYo? I wouldn't like to be this group's guitar tech, it must be a fulltime job.”
Pete Seargant - Fair Hearing

“They're like sex - but longer than most sex”
Jenny, 21 - Bristol, England