Just two days after The Good The Bad's second album launch party and Emma Acs debut gig in Copenhagen, we rudely departed for America on Mothers Day, resembling the walking, dribbling, un-son-ly dead. All was better though when we realised that our work visas (only just approved in time the week before) DID cover our 'secret' gig in Brooklyn, due to occur immediately after landing in New York. Otherwise it could have been a really short trip.

Slumping into our seats on the plane, it became clear that Continental Airlines should no longer to be likened to as the intercontinental version of Ryan Air. Lo and behold they have installed power points between the seats, serve you dinner with a metal knives and forks and employ a striking array of endearing celebrity look-a-likey air stewards resembling luminaries such as Whoopi Goldberg, Salvatore from Mad Men and Mr Miyagi. All very reassuring for insomniacs like us at 30,00 feet.

Upon being probed everywhere but between the buttocks on arrival, we headed straight for the Littlefield venue in Brooklyn to play a swift set alongside Casiokids, The Megaphonic Thrift and Spleen United who were also warming up for their impending trip to SXSW. That was quickly followed by a few frozen margheritas and a trip to Benny's Burritos in Manhattan. Both highly recommended. Without further a do we had to head back to the airport for our 6am connection to Austin. Not recommended at all.

No. Sleep. Till Texas.