On June 28th in London a special reunification took place at The Blues Kitchen, Camden, London UK. The Good The Bad were scheduled to play at Peace & Love festival (headlined by Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop) in Sweden but at short notice, the festival was unfortunately cancelled. A spare date appeared in TGTB's diary and a rare opportunity presented itself. Our friend, brother Wayne Kramer of MC5 would be in London town to play Glastonbury that weekend, what were the chances that he was available and keen to team up with us for the first time since we kicked out the jams at SXSW together in 2011?

As it turned out with only two weeks preparation time, it was a go-er. Liam at The Blues Kitchen jumped at the opportunity and made it happen by clearing the schedule, organising a rehearsal studio for us and Wayne to put some songs together and set the stage ready for an unforgettable night. Word got around and we heard of people flying in from Austria and Ireland just for the show. In the build up to the night, Huey Morgan of the Fun Lovin' Criminals interviewed Wayne for his BBC6Music radio show, as did Xfm's long time advocate and supporter of TGTB, John Kennedy, who also came along to the gig.

As the day arrived, two thirds of TGTB missed their plane from Berlin to London and had to quickly dash to Berlin's other airport to catch a different, expensive flight to London. So all was rescued from the jaws of defeat. We assembled at The Joint rehearsal room in Kings Cross for the afternoon to assemble a solo set for Wayne and TGTB and a joint set list for the finale.

What happened next is best left to your imagination or your memory of being there. It went off and London came alive. Any thoughts of missing Glastonbury and being stuck in the big smoke were wholeheartedly banished. Here's a taste of how it went down. A testimonial, if you like:

Many thanks to Liam at The Blues Kitchen, Oliver of Regent Sounds, Jamie Danan for his promotion, Kate Booker for her awesome photography and Wayne and Margaret Kramer for being reactive, proactive, generous and willing to get involved again. Let's all hope there's another opportunity.

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Set list for Wayne Kramer with The Good The Bad at The Blues Kitchen, London (28/6/2013)

Wayne Kramer (Solo, Acoustic) –
1. High School
2. Great Big Amp
3. Sing Me Back Home
4. Jail Guitar Doors

The Good The Bad
1. 001
2. 003
3. 004
4. 010
5. 011
6. 035
7. 023
8. 020
9. 008
10. 006
11. 030

Wayne Kramer w/ The Good The Bad

1. 017
2. Looking At You
3. Back In The Days When Dogs Could Talk
4. Kick Out The Jams