On June 28th in London a special reunification took place at The Blues Kitchen, Camden, London UK. The Good The Bad were scheduled to play at Peace & Love festival (headlined by Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop) ...Read More


On their last USA tour in 2010, The Good The Bad embellished their affiliation with the Jail Guitar Doors charity (having previously appeared on the soundtrack of the charity’s ‘Breaking Rocks’ documentary), as the band played alongside Billy Bragg, Chris ...Read More


In a successful attempt to make ourselves exhausted, short-tempered and ill we decided to play three shows in one day. That day was today, Friday. It started off like a scene from a zombie horror movie as we zig zagged ...Read More


Wednesday and the SXSW Music festival had started good and proper. A quick glance over the balcony revealed the freshly installed road blocks attended by a beady-eyed cop who loves his job, rendering downtown Austin a pedestrianised gigging precinct. The ...Read More


The Good The Bad have donated a rare two-track version of '002' for inclusion on the 'Breaking Rocks' Official Bootleg Soundtrack. Breaking Rocks is an inspiring documentary (directed by Alan Miles) which tells the story of Jail Guitar Doors, Billy ...Read More