You've read the script, now here's the film.

In what is now a fuzzy blur of a week, we can only remember amazing shows with musical dignitaries, stealing someones bike for a photoshoot, hanging out at Jack White's pop-up record store, joining a search party looking for Barley the dog, finding toilet seats shaped like guitars, crashing Tom Morello's not-so-secret afterparty, drinking 20 tequilas and 20 frozen margaritas in two hours, and the rest you can find out about in our previous blog postings.

It doesn't matter how little sleep you get whilst there, being in any one place at SXSW you are (by default) missing sixty plus other great shows elsewhere. Wayne Kramer said it best: "Take it easy. But take it". We took as much as we could and we left wanting more. Until next time Austin, you're an ace city and special crowd for sure.

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