Denmark's very own Jokeren (Hip-hop artist and prolific producer who has worked on American hip-hop albums, including one of Ice Cube's) caught TGTB on the off-chance recently and had this to say in Copenhagen's Metro newspaper:

"Beware. I have flirted with a little Dick Dale, then Quentin Tarantino taught me to distinguish a Quarterpounder and a Royal with cheese in the cult movie Pulp Fiction. I have reorganized terms such as "Hang Loose" and "Gnarley, dude" in my vocabulary. I have in all seriousness sported Hawaiian shirts and large-flowered shorts everyday, while I heard the "Wipeout" with both the Fat Boys and Beach Boys. But never has a surf rock outfit swept the legs out from under me as The Good The Bad has done it since I saw them the first time at Trailer Park Festival a few weeks ago. I have gone so far as to hang a torn easily photocopied poster of the 3 Copenhagen boys up in my bedroom. For even though they are almost ethnically Danish, their spiritual refuge across the border from Mexico to Southern California with a good dose of flamenco in your bag and a surfboard under his arm. And even if I pull The Ventures, The Atlantic or The Chantays out of the archives, there is no one taking an audio pipeline as TGTB do. Their sound is simply filthy, raw, brash and charming piss. There are great instrumental New School surf from a guitar that hangs so low on the hips, the long hair falls down on his forehead when Adam Olsson opened fire on his spade, while Johan Lei Gellett punishes the minimal drum kit with his sweat glistening torso, and Manoj Ramdas submits bad basslines on his baritone guitar. This record is found so far only on vinyl, but wait - for me, we are going to hear and see a lot more of these three great talents in the future."

Full article (in Danish) here

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