The Good The Bad present a series of audio-visual mash ups, matching scenes from Tarantino movies with an alternative soundtrack by The Good The Bad. You can download the first three tracks for free below: Download '006' as FREE Mp3 Download '022' ...Read More


Sunday at SXSW is never complete without a sojourn to SoCo (South Congress). Resultantly, we ended up at Guero's (where Tarantino filmed the opening scenes of Death Proof), clocking up a bill of 20 tequilas and 19 frozen margaritas with ...Read More


Denmark's very own Jokeren (Hip-hop artist and prolific producer who has worked on American hip-hop albums, including one of Ice Cube's) caught TGTB on the off-chance recently and had this to say in Copenhagen's Metro newspaper: "Beware. I have flirted with ...Read More