After a mammoth sleep on Monday night we resurfaced to a rainswept Austin for our well earned and only day off this week. There were only five things on our list for today:

1) Listen to Lemmy and Motorhead soundcheck (we had no choice, it was right outside our apartment)
1) Register at the Convention Centre for our wristbands/passes
2) Eat some over-sized portions of local produce
3) Try on some funny hats
4) Fill the apartment fridge with Shiner beer

Queuing up for wristband registration is never fun. As with all things in America you need photo ID, even to take a piss, so when Johan realised he had forgot his we had convince the attendant to check TGTB's myspace to match his name to his face. Moving on from there, we went for a slap up feed at a Tex Mex restaurant Casa Chapala where our attentive waiter Marquez regaled us with tales of his proud achievements including making the world's largest ever burrito in the Guinness Book of Records, which he also seemed to have eaten.

After stuffing our faces we waddled down back to Chez TGTB for a further bout of R+R, which would be aided accordingly by a crate of Shiner's from the local store. Not much else to report except we got a great review of our gig the previous night sent to us by Lorne from themusicfix.co.uk. Our performance was so well received by Strummerville and Jail Guitar Doors that they've asked if we're free to play a special impromptu gig the next night.

To be continued...