On June 28th in London a special reunification took place at The Blues Kitchen, Camden, London UK. The Good The Bad were scheduled to play at Peace & Love festival (headlined by Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop) ...Read More


The Good The Bad present a series of audio-visual mash ups, matching scenes from Tarantino movies with an alternative soundtrack by The Good The Bad. You can download the first three tracks for free below: Download '006' as FREE Mp3 Download '022' ...Read More


It's often mentioned to us that our music 'should be in a Tarantino film'. Well, in honour of the glorious basterd on his 50th birthday and on reflection of his extensive groundbreaking work to date, here it is. Consider it ...Read More


The Good The Bad played their first ever show in Holland in January at Eurosonic Festival. The late show at Vera presented a fantastic crowd to welcome the band, and thanks must be given to P6 DR Radio, MXD and ...Read More


The Good The Bad and Stray Cat Records are pleased to announce the long awaited album release of "From 034 To 050", available on iTunes and via their online store from Monday 8th October 2012. 'From 034 To 050' is TGTB's ...Read More


Here's the brand new teaser of the video promo for '034', the lead track from our forthcoming album. On 5th October 2012 you'll witness the listening party for The Good The Bad's 3rd album and the final episode of their debut ...Read More


We've produced a montage of all the different places The Good The Bad's music has ended up over the past few years, from TV commercials to feature films, to animations and film festival titles, there's a huge variety of applications ...Read More


Wayne Kramer collaborated with The Good The Bad on Friday 16 March at SXSW, here's how it went down... Read More


On their last USA tour in 2010, The Good The Bad embellished their affiliation with the Jail Guitar Doors charity (having previously appeared on the soundtrack of the charity’s ‘Breaking Rocks’ documentary), as the band played alongside Billy Bragg, Chris ...Read More


New York lingerie company Devil May Care Boutique asked to use The Good The Bad's '030' track for their latest video promo. Read More